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I make dumb art. And I play lots of games. And I add pretty pictures to my Favorites. New artwork every weekend and new blogs every day. But only if I feel like it. Enjoy.

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2014-09-20 10:51:09 by MaximumlyMaximus

Before I start, I'd like to clarify something very important here. By "celebrity" I don't mean music stars or action stars. I mean "celebrities" as in YouTubers. That being said, let's get started.

These days, it seems so hard to get recognized anywhere if you're not a full-time animator or gamer playing or having fun to do work. All the other big-name celebrities like Pewds and Ken, they all take the spotlight half of the time. Then, here comes STAR_ and Jerma to take over the TF2 community, and then we got Smosh and Rooster Teeth to take all of the funny skits and the cream of the crop! Trying to get noticed for the content you put up on YouTube is so hard these days, since everyone is just watching Pewds play stupid games that were stupid to begin with. No offense. And here we are, the lonely misfits, using, what the crappiest of microphones and using terrible software to make something to the best of our abilities, hoping that SOMEONE or SOMETHING or maybe even the smallest of atoms would notice us. And yet, they still don't, because all of the other funnier, better-animated cartoons are out there that are taking your spotlight and they aren't giving it back. SexualLobster, we're talking about you and Fernando. Seriously. Take a chill pill. And our gaming videos on YouTube never get noticed! I had posted a video last year on why Espurr isn't creepy at all, and it only got 1,200 views (or around that), while other videos got over 100,000 addressing the same topic in a few weeks. And sometimes, music videos on YouTube, not by Vevo, but by the community, are actually pretty damn good. I actually listen to some Sparta remixes of Gmod animations when I'm bored. They're catchy and great, and it's a shame that only we, the outcasts, can understand, and the other YouTubers don't even give a *@!%. They're all of working on their next funny video which will gain over 6,000,000 views in the next three weeks. That's right, Pewds. Deal with it.

And before this gets some major #$%! from Tom Fulp, I'd like to ask, why can't a lot of people who make good content on Newgrounds ever get noticed, and how come the other guys, like SexualLobster, get to stay in the limelight, and buy more of it, never to give it away? Sure, good things might come up that are community-made, but they don't even last for a week until Fernando comes back again. And not just Fernando himself. There's Arin's Sequelitis, which is half an hour long, and is painful to animate, from what I can tell, but they still get over a million views, like if Pewds talked about games that are good for a half-hour straight, then it'd still get over a million views. It's like the cream of the crop, only to find out that you and the rest of the whole "loser" community came too late, and found out that Fernando is using the cream to make his new fragrance. (YES, LOBSTER, WE ARE GOING THERE.) The problem is with the community on Newgrounds, is that if someone, a regular person, gets something like five stars on a piece of art or an animation, they automatically become gods among us. (NO RELATION TO THE GAME.) It's not great, but it isn't bad either, but why are we, the people of at the bottom of the ladder, never wondering what we could do to become "gods?" Is it because we're not good enough? Is it because the software we have is too bad? Why? Or maybe we're just too lazy. That's it.

And this #%!$ doesn't just happen on NG and YouTube. DeviantArt and Tumblr have the same issues. Everyday, you see new artwork on the front page, might be worse, might be better, but noone ever seems to comment on your blogs or your art, saying how good your art is. I post a LOT of artwork on my DeviantArt, as well as my Tumblr, and only five people browsing the deep, dark halls of DA ad Tumblr ever gave a #$@!. The other guys, like Eddsworld, have gotten so much people loving what they make, that they've taken the spotlight. But we're not saying that's all bad. Eddsworld just started from the bottom, and now, they're gods. We should strive to be the same. We shouldn't quit now; we should still work to-LAZINESS.

This is what is so great about YouTube channels, or any other community-related things on other media sites, that support, that's right, SUPPORT, community-made things. NISLT, for example, are two guys working to show people content on what people do in TF2, and all of the wonderful glitches of the Half-Life engine. And then there are epic moments, like the Frag Clips, that are REALLY damn good, and they weren't made by Pewds, the self-proclaimed MLG god, they were made by regular gamers who shouldn't just be in the NLG, they should HOST it. And that what is good about NISLT's channel. You know that these aren't pros doing it. These are ordinary, regular people, showing what they can do in-game. It's amazing that so many people are starting to care about the communi-NOPE!

Here's something to consider if you're not a YouTuber who reads the comments. (Don't worry, jacksepticeye and Venturian, we won't give you crap, we'll be praising you guys, since you watch the stuff your fans make.) When you see a funny clip from a regular guy, or if you see some great artwork, please, just look through as many as you can, liking them and commenting on them if you can. It gives the creator a sense of joy that someone actually gave a damn about their art or video. You can help them become just like you and-LAZINEEESSSSSSSSSS














































This post will probably only get ten views. I'm sure of it.


But still, please share this, on YouTube, Facebook, whereever there's a "celebrity." Or not, if you're one of the so-called "celebs" that's too busy yelling "MLG" into their mics like squealers. 

P.S.: If you are sharing it, please tag it #chasingtherainbow. Thank you for giving a #$!@.

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