2014-06-11 19:51:28 by MaximumlyMaximus

So E3's been going on recently and I was shocked and amazed to see the amount of content that blew me away. Like Sunset Overdrive. That one knocked my socks off and ripped off my t-shirt. 

And then there's Splatoons, Mario Party 10, and of course, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. And I LOVE Monster Hunter. 

I'm not going since I live about a million miles away from where E3 is, so I wish the rest of you guys who are going to E3 good luck. You'll need it for the bathroom line. 

Maximus out.


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2014-06-11 21:16:43

splatoons and smash is definitely making me want a wiiu

MaximumlyMaximus responds:

Yeah. I can't believe that it's going to release this holiday, Smash. Bros. It's such a long way!