DOOM...on Newgrounds?

2014-07-05 21:32:57 by MaximumlyMaximus

So today, I found a Flash version of the first Doom on Newgrounds. I was bored today, so I typed up "Doom Online" on Google and found this.

I have put about two and a half hours into Doom and I have to say, it is one of the best first-person shooters I've ever played. Besides TF2. Because TF2 is the best. Doom has a very simple control system which makes it especially easy to manuver around on the map. After (almost) finishing the first episode, I love the classic feel to the whole game, and I also love the weapon system. All I use is the Pistol and the Shotgun, nothing else. 

Maybe I'll feel the same way when I get Wolfenstein: The New Order. Or maybe not.

I'm stuck on the last level of the first episode and I need some help getting to the exit. I've collected the Yellow and Red Keycards already, and now, I saved in the first room right outside of the starting point. Please help. I suck as a self-proclaimed GPS.

While making this blog, I was watching this:


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